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Preventive Dentistry for a Healthy Mouth

$50 OFF Dental Treatment

To welcome you to our Renton, WA dental practice, Renton Smile Dentistry is offering $50 off a
dental treatment of your choice for our new patients.
*Offer is valid with an exam, x-ray, and cleaning.

A healthy oral environment maintains the integrity of your teeth and protects them from decay and other dental disasters. You might say that our checkups and cleanings at our Renton, WA dentist office, part of our overall preventive dentistry services, are the best insurance that your smile could have!

Exam room at Renton Smile Dentistry with relaxing outside view is used to conduct cleanings and exams as part of the preventive dentistry services in Renton, WA.At Renton Smile Dentistry, we offer preventive dentistry services such as:

Gentle Teeth Cleanings — Preventive cleanings remove accumulation of tartar (hardened plaque) and stain that builds up between your checkups. Our hygienist will also work with you to modify your oral hygiene techniques to fit your unique needs.

Oral Cancer and Periodontal (Gum Disease) Screenings — Some types of oral disease go unnoticed until they reach advanced stages. The best way to save your smile — and your life — is to have a screening performed on an annual basis.

Deep Teeth Cleaning — When the bone “melts” around your teeth due to infected gums, symptoms like bleeding and pus are evident. Untreated, gum disease can even lead to tooth loss. A thorough cleaning deep below the tissues, a preventive dentistry option, can create a clean environment that’s easier to maintain.

Protective Mouthguards — Our mouth guards can protect your teeth from excessive wear due to grinding. They are custom made to closely fit for the best and most comfortable protection.

Renton Families and New Patients Welcome

For individuals with healthy smiles, we recommend a checkup and cleaning at our Renton dentist office every six months. If you’ve been treated for gum disease in the past, you may need to schedule a visit as frequently as every three to four months.

Comprehensive restorative dental treatments as part of our general dentistry services are our area of expertise. Whether you’re 5 or 95, our Renton dentistry is equipped with the best technology and compassionate approach to care to ensure your experience is a good one.

Refer a Friend and Save

Your referrals are one of the biggest compliments that we can receive. As our thank you, we’ll apply a $50 credit to your account or send you a $25 gift card when we see a new patient you refer for their first comprehensive appointment.

The best way to save on your dental care is to schedule routine preventive appointments and treat problems as soon as they’re diagnosed. Contact our Renton dentist today to schedule your next appointment.

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Dawson Hoang, Google review - "The staffs were very professional and gentle with the patient. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. For someone who has a fear of dental works they have changed my personal point of views when visiting a dental office. Thank you, Dawson"
Our office offers a range of general dentistry treatments, all in one convenient location. From basic dentistry to specialized procedures.

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