Dentures in Renton, WA

Tooth Replacement Can Significantly Improve Your Life!

Elderly Asian couple taking a selfie with perfect smiles from dentures they got from Renton Smile Dentistry in Renton, WA.Missing teeth can make it harder to do simple things, such as talking, and eating your favorite foods. It can also be embarrassing. At Renton Smile Dentistry, with dentures, we can give you a brand new set of teeth to help you feel like your old self!
Imagine having the functionality of your old bite back—or having an even better bite than you used to. Renton Smile Dentistry can make it possible! We offer a wide range of denture options.

Conventional Dentures

After your teeth are removed and your mouth is healed, we take a cast of your mouth. This cast is used to custom make your dentures. After your dentures are fabricated by the lab, our specialist will fit them to your mouth, making any adjustments needed to ensure your comfort.

We also offer immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are given to you after your teeth are removed, and are based on a mold of your mouth we take prior to the extraction. They can be more convenient but may not be the best option in the long run. Our team of professionals will help you decide what is right in your individual case.

Fixed Dentures

Also known as “stabilized dentures,” fixed dentures offer superior stability because they snap on to dental implants. Our specialist can place your dental implants and take precise measurements to custom fit your denture.

Fixed dentures look and feel like natural teeth, and won’t slip. Additionally, dental implants help preserve the bone mass of your jaw by stimulating new bone growth. Fixed dentures are a superior permanent tooth replacement option.

Are You Losing Your Teeth?

If you’ve lost an entire arch of teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, or if you are going to have your remaining teeth removed because they are too unhealthy to save, ask Dr. Manchester about tooth replacement options. Tooth replacement can give you back your quality of life!

Refer a Friend and Save

Your referrals are one of the biggest compliments that we can receive. As our thank you, we’ll apply a $50 credit to your account or send you a $25 gift card when we see a new patient you refer for their first comprehensive appointment.

The best way to save on your dental care is to schedule routine preventive appointments and treat problems as soon as they’re diagnosed. Contact our Renton dentist today to schedule your next appointment.

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Tooth extractions should be a last resort, but sometimes, it is necessary to save the rest of your smile. If your tooth is too badly decayed to save, or your gum tissue no longer supports it due to gum disease, Dr. Manchester can gently remove it in the comfort of our Renton office.